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Are you currently receiving the right, specialised accounting support as a doctor or medical practice owner?

As a doctor or medical practice owner, you need an Accountant who understands the unique requirements of the medical professional and how to truly get the best out of your numbers. As medical specialist accountants, Accounting ONE can assist you to achieve expert results.

Our specialist team knows that no matter how outstanding you are in your medical career, achieving your financial targets is an extremely different challenge. We work with our clients to simplify their personal financial duties and improve their outcomes, both long term and short term.

We understand the common symptoms found in the medical profession and our remedies allow you to focus on what you’re best at (and most profitable at!)


found in medical professionals:

Accounting ONE

COMPLEXITY: Too many issues, too little time. COORDINATION: Coordination of your services into one simple package.
CONFUSION: Unclear and conflicting priorities and opportunities. CLARITY: Understanding your profession and educating you on your options.
UNCERTAINTY: No structure or plan to achieve long term golas. SPECIALIST MEDICAL ACCOUNTANT: A structured program incorporating all key elements in one.
LACK OF TARGETED ADVICE: Too many advice sources with lack of specialist knowledge. DELEGATION TO A SPECIALIST: Ability to delegate the details to someone who understands.
LACK OF ORGANISATION: Disjointed advice from too many sources. STRUCTURING: Planning and implementation based around key financial objectives.

Accounting ONE provides dispassionate advice focused purely on the ideal solutions and program for your unique circumstances. If you would like to better manage your time today and have a more rewarding financial future, contact our office 07 5532 2321 or click here and one of our specialists will contact you!

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