Nurses & Hospital Staff

Are you being provided with a clear understanding of your available Tax Deductions and Salary Packaging Arrangement?

Accounting ONE are specialist medical accountants who understand nurses and hospital employees and the imperative role they play within the medical industry.

Our specialist team understand the importance of maximising your tax refund, whether a simple return or more complex with investment. We also understand how the extra value derived from salary packaging is of extreme importance to assist your cashflow.

We have tailor made work related deduction checklists specifically designed for the nurses in the medical industry. Click here to view a copy!

We have found the common symptoms found in the nurse profession and we have remedies to assist you to better understand your circumstances:



Accounting ONE


Lack of salary packaging: Unaware of potential tax savings  with lack of specialist knowledge Qualified advisers: Professional advise and implementation based on your situation
Confusion: Unclear tax advise from too many sources Clarity: Understanding your profession and educating you on the correct tax legislation
Time deficient: Too little time for appointments Convenience:  Office located in a medical precinct, communication from a team of professionals via phone and email

Accounting ONE provides advice focused purely on the ideal solutions and program for your unique circumstances. If you would like to better manage your time today and have a more rewarding financial future, contact our office 07 5532 2321 or click here and one of our specialists will contact you!

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